Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Watch this space

I will be back soon.

Here is something funny to keep amused for the time being:

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Saturday, 3 January 2009

How to end and start a year

On new years eve Lolo made us do the Spanish tradition of eating 12 grapes on each chime of the clock. Before that though she had to carry the basket full of grapes around with her, with flowers in it, and an incense stick burning on top. She had her hair up in a bunch and was walking around with a leopard print blanket around her. She looked like a homeless schizophrenic voodoo witch performing black magic. Some Indian kids thought she was selling fish in her basket.

We started at The Claridges of Agonda beach, called the Turtle Lounge. It's a fancy restaurant but the staff are all really nervous and have really bad stutters and hang around just that little bit too long as if they're about to say something but just stare at you instead. At Turtle Lounge Sarah bumped into a girl that she knew from University. Then they were with some people who also Sarah knew and they joined us. Then some of their friends came and it turned out one of them was mates with my brother. Then another guy joined them who grew up with Alex Sturrock. Then I realised that I might as well be in Hackney.
So about 20 of us went for dinner and ate jumbo prawns which were the size of my entire body. I thought they looked a bit like the aliens in Alien. They took about 3 hours to arrive by which time it was almost midnight.

Lolo performed some black magic on the fish while we waited.

Here is Laura who works with Saam at Partizan. She brought her ipod and we took over the stereo at a bar just before midnight and played Madonna's Immaculate Collection.

Then we watched some fire works.

As the fireworks went off all the policemen came and started to close everything down and disconnect all the speakers because they thought that terrorists would want to come after the crusties. We made our own bonfire on the beach where we played some more of the Immaculate Collection. After a few hours some more policemen with really big guns, who actually looked about 17 years old and were wearing casual sportswear, came and had a go at us and being in the state that I was in I thought they were going to shoot us. But we just sat and looked at them because we didn't understand what they were saying so they eventually left us. Then we played some more Immaculate Collection. Then we went skinny dipping. Then we ran back to the fire and played some more Immaculate Collection. I forgot to take any photos of the Immaculate Collection party so here is the fire that we danced around.

The morning after I ate this for breakfast. It said hash browns on the menu and I thought it was going to be like McDonalds hash browns but they werent.

This is the place we had breakfast. We got there at 11am and didn't leave until 7pm. I consumed about 6 different fruit juices, some chocolate mousse, a Nutella pancake. Every hangover should be spent like this.