Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rayner's Pineapple Party

My buddy Ben Rayner is getting married tomorrow. Instead of rushing around picking up his suit and making little name tags for his guests table at The Diner, he's been sitting at home adding pineapples to photos of people. At first I thought it was stupid but then I sent him a couple of photos of my own and then I realised it's the funniest thing he's ever done in his entire life. Maybe. My favourite one is the last one.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Found some really amazing photos of my little sister...

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

72 hours with an STD

After getting back from the Kern tour and not getting any sleep on our last night in Paris, my favourite partner in crime Jazzwand came to pick me up to take me on one of the funnest adventures i've had in a while.

Our first stop was Manchester to watch them support some band called Blur. James had extra bouffant hair which looked rad.

Look how excited they are!

I watched the boys on the side with the WAGS. That guy in the background popping his head in tapped me and CK1 on the shoulder as they started and went "they're fookin' shite, whoot the fook are dey weeehrin'?"

I watched Blur with Mairead. She pretty much ruined the night for everyone around us by smashing into them and knocking their drink out their hand.

Everyone went off to party but I had no sleep so I went back to the jazzy hotel. Si woke up at 7am and went for a swim in his Y-fronts.

That morning we set off to Glastonbury. TM extraordinaire Matt Johnson decided he was going to take us to his house on the way and treat us to a BBQ. We stopped off at Tesco's on the way.

Here's Johnson looking after the meats.

Matt taught us a game that came from the vikings. It involved getting into teams of 3 and throwing wooden planks at each other. Si, James and Matt's kid were playing against me, Stang and Pinger. We totally sucked. They won. This made them happier than meeting Coxon. Look at the victory on their faces.

They had a trampoline, swings and babies in their garden as well as millions of other toys that kept us entertained for hours.

After we left Matt's house we quickly did one more stop off for Stang to pick up some jonnies (10 to be exact, Featherlite, and ribbed for her pleasure. Or his, I cant remember.)...

We were greeted with this sign as we drove into the festival.

Luckily we didnt listen to their advice. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and it took a total of 40 seconds to set up our pop up tent. It took about the same amount of time for Si to go from this look... this look!

Great choice of costume for the keyboard player.

The Prang Gang played a massive surprise set.

I watched them with the Rayners.

The next 24 hours was a blur. All I remember was there being a lot of laughing....and the following:

The Pylon.

This guys immense camera/telescope thing.

Hodgers dressed as Alexa Chung.

Rodaidh officially becoming The Prince of Nowhere.

Si thinking the guy with the candle was Jack Penate and shouting "no more tunes".

Cherise's homemade space-cakes.

Lauren's space-outfit.

Not being able to separate myself from these 4 people.

Lolo enjoying herself a lot after this photo was taking...

Stone circle.

Mangular and his God damn passport.


After leaving stone circle with Si, Lolo and The Prince of Nowhere, we gatecrashed the Ribbon Tower and watched over as tiny little helpers vaccumed all the rubbish from the grounds like ants. Si had a moment.

The next day I only managed to take 2 photos. One of them is with Si and his biggest fans.

And the other one is of Richard Hayley wearing make-up. I didnt feel like like using my camera after that.