Thursday, 27 November 2008

my(head is)sore

so after one of the smoothest flights i've ever experienced i am finally in mysore. i feel a million miles away from shorebitch and i cant remember the last time i felt this good. i've been here less than 24 hours so i dont have much to tell. this town is full of boho's. there's loads of self rightous westerners doing yoga and drinking coconut milk with henna all over their pastey white arms and a lob sided bindi on their stupid american foreheads. i overheard a few of them talking about whether yogurt was bad for you in the mornings. despite all this im feeling pretty damn good. there's a lot of cows and goats and hello buddies just hanging out. everywhere smells like josticks. at night time it smells like iran. here are some photo's that ive taken with my new digital camera just for now. oh and im far away from all terrorist attacks in mumbai in case anyone is worried. they're only after US and UK citizens so im in the clear as i look like one of them.


dominic said...

i wish was there with you. i'm still waiting on Stand By.
today i got my passport back from the India Visa Office and then spent the rest of the day watching CNN's coverage of violence in Mumbai.

veryjack said...

yeah i was worrying.

tikka 'nother little piece of my heart now baby.. nah nah TIKKA!x