Sunday, 6 September 2009

Lefties unite

A nice way to spend a Sunday is to meet up with two of your favourite people, cycle down to the Hayward to see some art, get bored of waiting in the que to the Hayward and realise you dont care about art, leave the que and go and eat oysters and ale instead, dicuss your friend's weird feet, eat more food, go to a festival all about insects, bump into your friend's friend who she's been talking about all day because he keeps bees on his roof and collects his own feaces to fertalise his vegetables, see him and his kid and his misses dressed as bees, eat more food, join a group discussion about bees, discuss cholony collapse disorder and why humans should be more like bees, look at more bees, cycle back to the pub, eat free bbq, win a game of pool with a creepy drunk man, play chopsticks, beat up Ted.