Tuesday, 2 December 2008

thumbs up, thumbs down...

This is Raj Dam (aka Ronojoy's cousin). He took me, sarah and pierre to a jazzy bar that overlooked the whole of Bangalore where we drank cocktails (he drank a few 'screwdrivers') and we talked about stories of Ronojoy chasing cows and screaming like a girl when he got bitten by mosquitos. He is an amazing guy. Way cooler than Ronojoy. Tonight is my first night in Bangalore...its very very noisy.


Jackie said...

What is that boho, loose fitting shirt that you're wearing? Is that cheesecloth?
Bet it goes great with your new yin and yang toe ring.
It that 'positive energy' I can see spilling out of your pores?
You've changed.

daily emotion said...

make sure he takes you to Bangalor 8.
If he cant get you in, say youre mates with Millie the Indian one out of 'This Life'.

roozbeh said...

thumbs up: Bilakh ;-)
coooool blog and pix, I just finished my exams, did ja get a chance to Email Talieh? I sent her an Email and she did not replied, so I guess she's just NOT Ok or maybe busy after all ! But I keep asking around